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Clockwise origin
- Mar 07, 2017 -

Metal clocks before the creation, ancient way of measuring time is used in hourglasses and water clocks, earlier was used in some of the most original "instant" approach to the measurement of time, which is what the ancients said, "Sundial". People in the midst of a marked stone up a bamboo pole, when the sun rises in the East when the long rod, shadow-backward West. As the Sun moves slowly toward the Zenith, Rod, shadow and slowly reduced, and moves around the pole rotate slowly. At noon, when the sun reaches the head, Rod, shadow of the shortest, most places even when there are no shadows in the summer. After noon, West of the Sun around the pole, the pole's shadow begins to the East, and slowly get longer.
Taking immediate measures to measure the time, Rod, shadow moving constantly around the pole. Because vertical rods measuring day was mainly people who live in the northern hemisphere and solar year were way South in the northern hemisphere, this creates a rotation around the vertical pole point to the right characteristics. Thus, when people making mechanical watches, also followed long-standing habits as a mechanical indicator of the direction of rotation right, what we today call "clockwise" direction.