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From the watch worn by personalities
- Mar 07, 2017 -

1, spread-sheet
This watch for you, because you are not a shy person, you like the "real thing", you should "break the casserole bottom." You are not interested in abstract concepts, can attract your attention must be tangible, and seen, or heard of. Your partner or spouse would recommend that you do not know life, but you don't know him (her) in what to say, because the taste is too abstract a concept for you.
2, the alarm
You may be one person responsible for things, sometimes, something obviously has nothing to do with you, you will step in to do it. Therefore, your schedule is full, and within a day you d find a your very own space. You don't think I'm particularly clever, but you have intelligence, and perseverance does bring you success. In their minds, you belong to a moderate, so when problems are encountered, they will come to you for help, and you are willing to help others. Do you have a positive Outlook on life, but you have to remember to take the time to give ourselves a chance to relax, to maintain physical and mental health.
3, linked list
In the era of technology advancements, trends in automation, adhere to the chain on a worn daily watch you certainly belong to a minority. Some people will think you're deliberately Maverick, moreover, you actually like using your hands to do. When I have time, you can fix household items, and even home decoration. When dealing with people, you have the "different, not for" attitude, you just let your loved ones close to you and you never bother to compromise other people because you feel that compromise would distort the people. You also believe that as you sow so shall you reap reasonable, you will not hold hope for life, just concentrate on doing his job.