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How to maintain gold plated watches
- Mar 07, 2017 -

Gold-plated layer is mostly on a gold-plated watch 14K gold, this gold contains 58. 5% of pure gold, but also contains a number of silver. Silver and some volatile industrial emissions in the air after the reaction, will produce a black layer of silver sulfide on the surface membrane, so that the gold-plated watch lost Golden sheen. Therefore, wearing a gold-plated watch to avoid contact with chemical substances and gases, such as coal gas, liquefied petroleum gas and sulfur SOAP and so on, and keep the gold-plated watch is dry and clean. Best wipe clean with a cloth once a week. In addition, of chloride in sweat on the gold-plated watches are very corrosive, gold-plated watch stained with sweat, should be wiped dry.