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Maintenance and use of watch
- Mar 07, 2017 -

Watch regularly wash oil. with regard to how long wash oil and grades the quality of the watch and case sealed, equipped with the use conditions. watch after long-term use, movements become dirty due to wear and table oil, thus affecting, so clean fuel is necessary, watch life may be extended, maintaining accuracy. General wash oil in about two years. Analog quartz watch also regularly washing oil. sealed watches with precious tables, wash oil according to your wearing and table when the case may be, you know, many watch it is not broken. But bad!
After long-term use, the watches, table cover and waterproof aprons have aging when the table maintenance, it would be to replace.
Watch bad seal into the water and air, that is, to watch the impact of the disaster, the steel parts of mechanical watch movements but rusty ~ finished.
Quartz Watch to replace the battery make sure to change the battery, often inferior battery leakage and climbing base and bring serious damage to the watch.
Watches using Shi, due to environment temperature of effect is inevitable of, walking will has must of changes, General watches can work in -10--+50 ℃ of range within, but walking most accurate of temperature range is 20-30 ℃, if watches distribution with in hand Shang, on not has problem, because people itself is a thermostat of, but picked Xia of watches and in extreme temperature Xia, on will produced larger errors, especially quartz watches, on its walking precision effect maximum of factors is temperature.