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Watch some common faults
- Mar 07, 2017 -

1. watch suddenly appeared ahead of the phenomenon is why?
Watch suddenly happen fast for more than 10 minutes to a few hours, usually for the following reasons: Watch in a magnetic field of electrical or magnetic objects near the watch into the water, the balance wheel Hairspring dipped into the water; spring for any foreign objects. These reasons are not allowed to, need to go to a specialty shop or demagnetization cleaning and maintenance spring.
2. Why do batteries spent more than three years for the new table, and open change battery but can only be used at the end of the year?
General battery quality reasons. Try to maintain a professional repair shop replaced the original battery were in professional shop replace the battery if there is such a situation, proved to be watches mechanical parts of clay, or gear shaft wear and appear starting voltage, power consumption (power consumption) is too large, resulting in shortened battery life. So, replace battery in addition to also do a watch requires periodic maintenance and care.
3. after opening the table, will it affect performance? Become worthless?
This is without any basis, professional technicians personally open, without any effect on the watch, but will not affect the value of watches. But if not a professional mechanic, it is strictly prohibited to freely open the table cover, not free to fiddle with parts of the table, so as to avoid damage.