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Quartz Watch Daily Maintenance Six Measures
- Jun 12, 2017 -

A fine quartz watch, properly maintained, can extend its life, to prevent the quartz watch stealing and other issues, so that the watch clean as new, then, how to maintain their own quartz watch it? Let's take a look at the daily maintenance knowledge of the quartz watch!

Quartz watch daily maintenance six measures

Dust: Do not feel the dust is not terrible, for the quartz watch movement, the dust is undoubtedly one of the three natural enemies. Quartz watch its exposure to dust-intensive areas, will naturally lead to the gap into the case of dust, and a lot of dust will accelerate the movement of the watch oil dry.

Therefore, the quartz watch is not allowed to wait a series of problems because of the lack of maintenance in the daily, caused by the accumulation of dust. To deal with the dust problem, as long as a small piece of cloth, or to a professional maintenance center for after-sales maintenance.

High temperature: a lot of people think that their watch is a waterproof watch, or diving table, so unscrupulous with a watch to sauna, sauna temperature is much higher than the outdoor normal temperature, instantaneous temperature difference will lead to quartz watch waterproof pad to accelerate aging The Therefore, due to work needs, or like a sauna sauna friends as much as possible with their own watch for maintenance, good waterproof protection.

Waterproof: Most quartz watch waterproof for 30 meters or 50 meters, even if the love table has a waterproof function, do not take love table in the high humidity of the place, the general waterproof watch concept is just waterproof, stained with water is no problem. Not the watch will not water, to prevent water measures: on the one hand is far away, high humidity area, on the one hand is not to let the watch water. When the water meter or water mist, we must take appropriate measures,

Shock: Different from the mechanical watch, quartz watch movement in the face of a moment of intense vibration will become extremely fragile. Few people wearing a high-level quilting quartz watch to participate in golf swing, to know the kick-off moment, the wrist of the moment force is very alarming.

Although this is a common thing for the human skeleton, but for the quartz watch, this is undoubtedly a surprising disaster, many quartz watche are due to the enthusiasm of the owner was sent to the maintenance center.

Magnetic field: now life in the magnetic field everywhere, no entry, from the microwave oven, induction cooker, TV, to eat a hot pot, playing electric, magnetic field all affect our lives. And just bought a quartz watch, will produce errors, most likely because of the impact of the magnetic field. Quartz watch movement by the magnetic will appear after more and more errors. Do not panic, if the magnetic can go to the professional maintenance

Heart to do demagnetization. In order to save such trouble, it is recommended to take off the quartz watch away from the strong magnetic field area, life there is a place where the current is magnetic field, it is recommended away.

Wear: quartz watch whether it is all steel or precious metal case, there will always be wear problems. Many people will be stainless steel, never wear such words and attract. But in fact, even if no matter how good the steel made of the case, there will be wear phenomenon. Even if the clasp is natural and desktop contact every day will produce wear and tear.

Such as a long time to tap the keyboard, will lead to clasp on the ugly pattern. To this end, the appropriate attention should not let the case and the watch chain to participate in unnecessary wear and tear is to let our quartz watch "looks very new" need.