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Quartz Watch Waterproof Little Knowledge Introduction
- Jun 12, 2017 -

Quartz Watch can be divided into digital quartz electronic watch, pointer quartz watch, automatic quartz watch and light kinetic energy watch.

(1) quartz watch when the second hand is a cell jump, travel time is very accurate, generally require months within 15 seconds, there are three and two needle two.

(2) movement using integrated circuits, the structure is much simpler than the mechanical watch movement, the assembly is very simple.

(3) easy to use, no need to wear on the winding, a battery is generally available 2-3 years. But some quartz watch with lithium battery, long life, available 7-8 years or so.

(18k gold or diamonds or precious metals), the design is excellent, resulting in some quartz (4) Quartz Watch price relative to the mechanical table cheap (with the same style), but some high-end brand quartz watch is expensive because the brand is good, the appearance of good material (18k gold or diamonds or precious metals), The table is much higher than the average mechanical watch value

Quartz is an oxide, the composition of silica (SiO2), quartz placed in the shock circuit will vibrate, under certain conditions, it will pass its own frequency to the circuit, if this feature is applied to Quartz movement, through the quartz oscillator can be converted into power The use of mechanized equipment mass production of circuit boards, coupled with resistance and capacitance, you can complete the movement, and then install the case, glass and strap, one Quartz watch is a rough assembly is completed, its benefits are accurate, light weight and easy maintenance; Quartz Watch shortcomings: the general life of quartz batteries only one or two years, often need to be replaced, and then the use of quartz oscillating watches, often used After five to eight years after the quartz oscillation will decline, the relative accuracy will be reduced, this time will need to dress up, but due to the development of modern industry, labor costs, with artificial to facelift many small parts too costly, So if the quartz watch if a major failure, usually the original will require a direct change for a new movement.

Can wash their hands, but to avoid being washed with water, rain, car wash; can not take a bath, can not swim, no water vapor, water mist.

Any watch is not waterproof steam, mist. If the weather inside or outside the temperature difference or bath room steam, sauna steam, eat, wash your hands by water dash, will affect or water molecules into the inside. These quartz watche do not belong to the water is not waterproof, nor is it a quality problem.

Waterproof little knowledge:

● the watch wrapped with hand paper, into the rice barrels inside, over two days there is no water mist;

● Bread the table with a few layers of toilet paper or easy to absorb moisture flannel table, bake in about 40 minutes from the 40-watt light bulb for about 30 minutes. Should not be directly close to the table to avoid hot deformation;

● the table mirror, bottom shell outward, anti-wear on the wrist, two days after the water vapor can be eliminated;

● You can put the desiccant (buy sports shoes or some food, the box with a desiccant) and the water into the watch together with the container, and then sealed up, a few hours later, the watch in the water It will disappear;

● If the water is serious, it is best to send it to the shop for repair and processing.