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The Reason For The Error Of Quartz Watch
- Jun 12, 2017 -

Quartz watch is one of the watch type, the use of quartz crystal in the clock is a modern invention, the first quartz watch in 1969 for the first time. In this year, the Japanese Seiko company found how to make quartz tuning fork method. The first entry into the production of quartz watche was Seiko 35 square astronomy, published in 1957 by Hamilton Watch Company of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

1, movement problem: the accuracy of the watch according to the different types of movement of the watch vary. Quartz watch is a quartz vibrator to replace the balance wheel in the mechanical watch, the use of its correct high-speed oscillation to the time, in general, the accuracy of the quartz watch is higher, the Swiss standard is a monthly error within 15 seconds, some precise The movement is able to reach the annual error within a few seconds.

2, lack of electricity: If the quartz watch suddenly found slow, it is likely to be caused by insufficient battery energy, you can send the watch to the special maintenance point to detect electricity.

3, watch by the magnetic: If the quartz watch movement is magnetized, the watch is not accurate when the travel time.

4, need maintenance: a long time without maintenance of the quartz watch, it is likely due to movement of dust accumulation caused by travel time are not allowed.

5, suffered beating, impact: quartz watch watch is very sophisticated, if the impact or beating is likely to cause damage to internal parts of the injury, but also cause travel problems.

6, in addition to these conditions, but also may be other bad habits, resulting in increased watch errors, it is recommended when the love table problems, the love will be sent to the professional maintenance center for professionals to check, adjust, so your love table To be restored as ever.

Because we have long been in a variety of magnetic fields, coupled with the smaller parts of the watch easier to magnetize. And the magnetic field strength of different errors will be different, normal is about 24 hours 24 hours (especially strong magnetic field watch pointer will appear directly do not go).

When used, do not put the watch on the amplifier, audio, computer, TV, so as not to magnetize.

A piece of iron has not been magnetized clockwise around the watch 30 laps, and then counterclockwise around 30 laps, can be demolished for the watch, so that the watch back to normal.

Also remind you that the watch appears to travel error, need to love the table on the maintenance center for a few days to stop observation, please understand.