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About Mechanical Watches And Quartz Watch
- Jul 13, 2017 -

Quartz is still mechanical, and now is the most basic choice of people in the purchase of a table.

As the watch in the two largest categories, quartz and machinery have different historical evolution and characteristics. Understand the quartz and mechanical watch "personality", just as to accept a person, his merit is worthy of your love, his shortcomings also need you to tolerance, his vulnerability is more need you to carefully care.

Relocation under Quartz Crisis

Speaking of mechanical watches and quartz watch the dispute, have to first review a period of history.

Experienced a long pocket watch period, the 19th century 30-40 years, mechanical watches in the form of watches to become the most important tool to show the time, become necessities of life. However, the "necessities of life" this positioning makes the mechanical watch in the 50-60 years to the extreme: in a simple field than the precision, a large number of Observatory testing began. All brands are forced into a field: only the pursuit of precision, do not do complex, only a simple three-pin small three-pin, in the Observatory game.

But the mechanical watch can not go very accurate, to challenge difficult. 60 years, the quartz watch began to rise, the accuracy is getting higher and higher, smaller and smaller. And the quartz watch is not as easy as mechanical watches, battery use more and more long, coupled with mass manufacturing to bring price advantage. For the restraint of the watch industry is too long, there is no bound, many brands competing to launch quartz watch, 70 late in the quartz watch popular, so many mechanical watches out of the stage. This is the important event in the history of the clock: the quartz crisis.

Of course, the adjustment of the Swiss watch industry, not only because the birth of the quartz watch, the international financial turmoil to Swiss export costs higher, accelerate the impact of mechanical watch industry. The crisis so that low-grade mechanical watch to lose the living space, but the high-end mechanical watches are for a living state: only for high-end manufacturing. So in the 80's to form a saying: mechanical watch is used to collect the luxury. And in that period survived the mechanical watch, as rebirth, increasingly tough.

Now a lot of brands mentioned this history, have stressed the brand was a firm belief. In the watch collectors Ding to the view, the faith, but also because Switzerland did not choose and retreat. "At that time, the pace of industrialization in Switzerland was much slower than that of Japan and other Asian regions, and it was reluctant to abandon the mechanical watch from the emotional and industrial basis in the new field than in the industrious oriental country." Of course, some brands quickly adjusted the product line , Such as Longines, TAG Heuer, now the quartz watch is still in possession of an important position.