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ASS What Is A Quartz Watch Circuit Functions And Roles
- Mar 07, 2017 -

The earliest quartz watches, stepper motor driven pulse has only one, which typical pulse width 7.8ms, quartz watches, most of the power in on the stepper motor, drive motor rotation is also more power, the power indicator, and directly related to the pulse width, pulse-width bigger electricity. And now the technology has increased, driven by stepping motor pulse width can be reduced to less than 4ms.
ASS is the motor "variable width" drive. As early as the end of the 80, the technology was very high tech, so it is using "pulse", the letter will be printed on the circuit board ASS (see photo), now this technology has spread, ASS logo no longer appears.
If you watch, Swiss quartz watch in more than 10 years ago, circuit boards, ASS also appears with EOL logo, which is the battery life for police functions. ASS early OMEGA quartz watch features more, but usually only for a three-pin watch with calendar, two pin no.
I feel ASS function somewhat similar car of clutch for document, car document bit to according to speed, and road, and resistance to adjustment change; quartz watches of step into motor also as, gear train load also in occurred changes, like watches in standing Shi, due to pointer of not balance, will brings resistance; Dang watches by impact vibration Shi, also has magnetic field effect, gear train running also by resistance, most main also is calendar institutions began for lasted, that resistance more big.