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Automatic Mechanical Watch-winding
- Mar 07, 2017 -

Any so-called "automatic" things are not unconditional, mechanical things to comply with principles, watches is the same, to "automatically" as long as your arm to move first, according to the principles of physics work, horizontal movement of objects does not work (unless you lashes acceleration), so the translation does not make the wrist watch-winding.
Automatically watches winding of principle, most are is with eccentric of pendulum Tourbillon (automatically Tourbillon or said automatically heavy hammer), this things a somewhat like construction construction in the hit field surface with of which "Toad ramming", it of shape like a semicircular of disc, selection quality compared heavy of metal made, and edge compared thick, so most quality are in Tourbillon of edge Shang, using geocentric of gravity and people arm of swing and rotating, and drive a group gear to volume tight clockwork to winding.
Activities of the mechanical watch is the use of arms to complete the chord. If the watch is placed when time is too long or less arm exercise every day, watches the wind energy will be prone to a lack of wind allowed or shut down at night. If this occurs when your right arm increased activity or at night before the break with a hand to turn the tables get winding, and recommend that you best wear for eight hours a day or more (this table has automatic devices, there are manual devices without fear of excessive wind damage wind), so you can ensure sufficient energy.