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How To Check The Quartz Watch Waterproof
- Oct 19, 2017 -

First, the crystal table on the Quartz Watch power, the crystal will be 32768 Hz frequency, the correct vibration; and then must be the frequency into 1Hz (current changes in a second time) the number of signal current cycle. And then increase the amplitude of some of the signal (due to vibration caused by the current is very weak), followed by some of the signal current and then start the rotor gear, the second hand on the table will be followed, followed by minute hand, clockwise beating is related to the mechanical structure Principle, such as: second hand beating 60, the minute hand will jump about

All quartz watch are equipped with a battery. It provides energy for an integrated circuit and a quartz resonator, vibrating 327,678 times per second. There are faster than this. The integrated circuit is the "brain" of the table. It controls the vibration of the quartz resonator and acts as a divider. 32768 times the vibration is half-divided 15 times to achieve a pulse per second. With a second time this time the "raw material", you can drive the monitor.

How to test waterproof

There are basically two ways to test water repellency, known as the "dry" method and the "wet" method. In the dry process, the air pressure on the Quartz Watch, and measure whether the case due to leakage into the air and expansion. If inflated, it indicates that the table is not waterproof. In a "wet" method, first put the air pressure on the Quartz Watch, and then immersed in water watch. If the watch emits bubbles in the water, it indicates that the air has penetrated the table before it is immersed in the water, so the table is not waterproof. Another "wet" method is to put the watch into a small room filled with water, and then use the piston pressure. If the water into the table, that is not waterproof table. (This is clearly the most dangerous waterproof test method).