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How To Properly Use The Waterproof Watch
- Mar 07, 2017 -

Watch is water resistant to rely on glass, back cover, waterproof aprons at the head and meet the corresponding standards. All waterproof sheet on the bottom with "WATER RESISTANT" or "WATER PROOF" of English words. Waterproof tag watches can only be dust-free, water should be avoided. 30 meters (3ATM, three atmospheres) water table can be used for daily grooming or the rain, drops of water splashed on the surface only without any water added to form.
Purchase waterproof watches, to note see on applies range of text description, face numerical and pictures of publicity to keep calm, by need purchase; wearing waterproof watches, to in manual marked of range and case within wearing; in bath, and wash sea bath, and wash Spa, and contact high temperature steam gas, and has temperature suddenly sharply changes situation, environment Xia don't wearing waterproof watches; waterproof watches must in right of time within to manufacturers specified of or formal of, and has by needed technology capacity and equipment level of maintenance points, According to the instruction marked time cleaning waterproof watches, waterproof test, replaced parts expensive watch regular cleaning and maintenance is more important.