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Mechanical Table And Quartz Watch Which Is More Practical?
- Jul 04, 2017 -

Mechanical table and Quartz Watch which is more practical? Mechanical table and Quartz Watche difference, which is more practical? Quartz watches and mechanical watches the main difference is that the use of energy sources to drive the movement of the watch core. How the quartz watch works The quartz watch uses a battery as the energy source. The battery outputs power to the electronic block and the motor in the Tissot watch.

Mechanical watch and Quartz Watch difference, which is more practical? Quartz watch and mechanical watch the main difference is the use of which energy source to drive the movement of the watch core.

Quartz watch with a battery as an energy source. The battery outputs power to the electronic block and the motor in the Tissot watch. Each second electronic block outputs a pulse wave to the motor, which is driven by the motor. Because quartz crystal can provide the most stable pulse wave, it can guarantee the highest accuracy (in general, the monthly error between 15-25 seconds; the smallest error of only 5 seconds a year). Because there are quartz crystal in the inside, so the watch also named quartz watch. In addition, a battery can continue to work for several years, so there is no need for such a table winding. In general, mechanical watches are much more expensive than quartz watches. At this time because the mechanical watch in the production process requires accurate manual adjustment of school, and quartz watches are usually assembled in the automatic production line.

The working principle of the mechanical watch

Tissot mechanical watch has a helix. When people give the watch a chord, the helix is also tightened at the same time. When the helix is released, it begins to drive the watch core to move. One of the major drawbacks of mechanical watches is the inconsistency of the speed of the helix, resulting in a decrease in timing accuracy. Accuracy is also affected by factors such as temperature, location, wear of parts and some other factors. Therefore, when a mechanical watch in the day there are 15-30 seconds of error, it can be considered normal. The minimum error can be only 4-5 seconds.

It is generally believed that the mechanical watch life is longer than the quartz watch. But the fact is not the case, because the quartz watch inside all the running parts and mechanical watches are the same. The life of the electronic components has not yet been fully tested, but it is likely to have the same life expectancy.

Quartz is a white oxide, the composition of silica (SiO2), quartz placed in the shock circuit will vibrate, under certain conditions, it will pass its own frequency to the circuit, if this feature application In the quartz movement, through the quartz oscillator can be converted into power using a large number of mechanized equipment production circuit board, coupled with resistance and capacitance, you can complete the movement, and then install the case, glass and strap, a Only the quartz watch is roughly assembled.

The advantages and disadvantages of the quartz battery life is only one or two years, often need to be replaced, and then the use of quartz oscillating watches, often used for five to eight years After the quartz oscillation will decline, the relative accuracy will be reduced, then you need to dress up, but because of the development of modern industry, labor costs, with artificial to facelift many small parts too costly, so if the quartz watch Big fault, usually the original will require a direct change for a new movement.

Mechanical watches can usually be divided into the following two: hand refining and automatic hand-rolled watch (AUTOMATIC) two. The power of these two machines are driven by the movement within the movement as the driving force, driven gear and then promote the needle, but the way the power source is different. Hand on the refining of the mechanical watch is by manual on the refining, the thickness of the movement than the general automatic refining the thinner, the relative weight of the whole watch is lighter. And automatically on the refining of the watch, is the use of the bottom of the movement of the automatic disk around the power generated to drive the mainspring to generate energy, but the relative thickness of the watch will be thicker than the average hand.

Advantages: the oil through the regular maintenance can be used for a long time; Disadvantages: the error is larger than the Quartz Watch, because the quality of the production and the internal movement of the table susceptible to the impact of gravity and error. Usually the mechanical table error is calculated by how many seconds a day difference, and the Quartz Watch error is calculated by how many seconds per month difference. Whether it is to buy mechanical watches or quartz watch, choose to apply their own is the most important.