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Quartz Watch Do Not Maintain More Dangerous!
- Oct 31, 2017 -

General quartz watch battery life in the 1-3 years, and now the quartz watch IC circuit power consumption is very low (about 1 microamps or so), so can greatly improve the quartz watch battery life The For the three indicators of the watch (with the second hand) when not in use can also pull out the table, so that the stepper motor to stop running, usually called the watch's power-saving features, short-term watch is not pull the table Put the.

But for long-term use of quartz watch do not need to pay attention to some of the problems, the so-called long-term is beyond the battery's validity. It is necessary to know that quartz watch are basically silver oxide batteries. Like other types of batteries, silver oxide batteries are self-discharge, self-discharge, Temperature and humidity have a great relationship, the higher the temperature the greater the self-discharge rate.

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Some silver oxide batteries are also prone to alkali and leakage problems, especially those who are not very good quality and not sealed the battery, and often occurs when the battery is almost no electricity or has been power, this phenomenon and the ordinary battery is very similar. Silver oxide batteries are alkaline alkaline electrolyte, usually with sodium hydroxide or potassium hydroxide, they are highly corrosive, once leaked out of the watch will have a great deal of damage.

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First, will rust the watch circuit reed contacts; second, serious leakage will also rust the movement of the watch splint, the most serious situation will hurt the watch dial. I have a radar watch, long-term storage do not have about 10 years later, found that the battery has long been leaked in the dial and the battery close to the location of the corrosion are discolored, and later in order to change this dial about spent 700 yuan, A lot of lesson! There are many examples of damage items on the battery, not just watches. Such as the flashlight in the dry battery, if you do not have long, the battery will not rise after the electricity, (silver oxide battery also has this problem, called "air up") dig dig do not come out, if replaced by a camera that may be mixed. In the case of

I suggest that if you have long-term storage of quartz watch, especially the more high-end watches, it is best to watch to the repair shop, the first battery out to prevent unexpected. As well as a little battery to choose a good quality brand-name battery, pay attention to a little, to regular (not necessarily wait for the battery after the battery) for the battery. You know, in the quartz watch failure in a considerable proportion of the battery is "blame".