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Quartz Watch Still Occupy Half Of The Country
- Jul 13, 2017 -

Movement slim, design diverse, accurate, maintenance-free advantages such as quartz watch is still in today's watch market occupies half of the country.

Watches in a sense is the jewelry, the size of the strict requirements, only a small amount of mechanical movement and a large number of quartz movement can be competent. Fashion brand in the field to extend to the watch, and more to design known, the device is mostly quartz movement, consumers at the time of purchase, value is the brand and design, what kind of movement is not concerned about the device.

And some special features, such as the extension of the outdoor sports function, astronomical function, it is easy to use quartz movement to achieve. At the same time, the quartz watch to meet the limited purchasing power of consumers for the pursuit of complex models, such as some brands to quartz movement to do the calendar, can be used as a senior watch entry and rocker.

Three levels of different options

For the choice of the watch can be divided into three levels: the general table friends, for the mechanical watch or quartz watch no clear concept, the need is the wrist jewelry and timing tools. As long as the beautiful can, especially for women; the second level, like the research table for the people, the watch is a viable, then recommend the choice of mechanical watch; third level, the table decorated with a lot of precious metals, expensive Jewelry, human hand skills and other artistic expression, then recommend the choice of mechanical watches, mechanical watches and art phase contrast.

See the needs of the age

For young people, the quartz watch, mechanical watches should be bought, 40 years old if you have not bought a quartz watch, not qualified to say that the quartz is good or bad; 40 years of age, hope that the watch more performance of their own personality and preferences, to find Suitable for their own mechanical watch; 60 years of age, or recommended to wear quartz watch, after all, automatic winding mechanical watch need more activities, manual winding need regular winding.

Common point of all tables should pay attention to waterproof and the temperature difference is too large, pay attention to the magnetic field (do two kinds of magnetic therapy can not wear). Quartz watch itself is an electronic product, when the magnetic field is greater than the movement of the magnetic field, the table will stop, leave the magnetic field will continue to run normally, this time to pay attention to time adjustment. Mechanical watch by the magnetic need to go to the professional shop demagnetization.

Mechanical manual winding mechanical watch need to take care of it every day, on the chain when the intensity of attention, do not cut the winding; automatic list of activities at least 8 hours a day in order to meet the power. Long time do not wear the table, the best one month on the chain, moving a move, to avoid the head rust. Table oil life is 4-5 years, every 4 to 5 years to a professional maintenance point for maintenance, refueling, and waterproof testing to see if the table can meet the factory standard.

Quartz quartz watch battery life is 2.5 to 3 years, good 7-8 years (the price is basically over 10,000), to replace the battery in time, excessive use of the battery will leak.