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Quartz Watch To Replace The Battery To Be Careful
- Jun 22, 2017 -

Quartz watch to replace the battery to be careful. For thin quartz watch, battery selection in particular to be careful, because the movement of such watches are also very thin, if the battery is fixed with pressure reed and screws, you can not use thicker batteries.

There have been improper selection of thickened batteries caused by the case of Swiss watch failure:

There is a Cartier watch, should have used SR616 model of the battery, the result is to use the SR621, the thickness increased by 0.5 mm, but happens that the watch is thin, that is, the height of the case within the small, so when tighten the watch back cover After the battery contact with the back cover on the back side, and the pressure on the movement, resulting in a reasonable gap below the spare parts of the dial, the calendar does not jump word, but also can not fast tune the calendar disk, and the feeling of the needle is very wrinkled, Continuous dial a few cycles down, sad reminder of the wheel straight even to the broken teeth.

To the quartz watch for the battery, is a simple question. Because the quartz watch battery is not 100 kinds of specifications or models, there are dozens of large, large and small, thin and thick, the general maintenance shop models are used, not too common may not, especially those too small too thin Or relatively large and thick.

The international model of the silver oxide battery actually represents the geometry of the battery profile, such as the SR626, indicating that its diameter exceeds 6 mm and the thickness is 2.6 mm, and the other models are analogy. More expensive Quartz Watch, usually in the watch after the cover or movement of the battery near the splint, indicating the movement of the battery specifications used.

Thick battery capacity than thin large, which is to extend the battery replacement cycle is good, if it is selected than the provisions of the thin battery, but also to prevent the battery card can not catch the battery card, causing the battery on the bomb, out of the negative Reed, or contact with the virtual; so if necessary, but also need to add a battery (positive) pad metal foil or "green clay" to suppress.

Beijing this sentence is called "ear digging fried sesame seeds - you fool me, I fool you", that if not according to the provisions of the service, there may be a bifurcation, an inattentive On the matter of ill-fated, or even the "bread can lead to bleeding case", all things can not be done because of small loss, in conditional circumstances, or should be in accordance with the provisions of the model to replace the watch battery.