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Quartz Watch To Stop And Stop How To Do
- Sep 28, 2017 -

Cartier is also the top watch brand, quartz watch in the use of easy to stop and stop the problem, then how do we solve it? The following watch home to tell you how to stop the quartz watch how to stop it!

Quartz watch is the use of quartz crystal oscillator to do with the electronic circuit of the watch, the power source is the watch battery. Under normal circumstances the normal use of the watch, you need 2 to 3 years to replace the battery. If the watch appears to slow or stop the situation, most likely the battery is not caused by the battery. Once the watch battery is running out quickly, it is recommended that the best in time to the professional aftermarket replacement.

Quartz watch stop there may be many reasons, which watch battery power is the most simple. Valuable watches are best tested every year for battery power to prevent damage to the watch's damaged parts. Sometimes we may be forgotten to pull the crown back to the initial position when we are time proofreading. Which led to the existence of the watch to stop the problem, the solution is to push it back to the original file on it.

Quartz watch stop may also be the watch pointer and the lens or the dial together, and generally this situation will be in the watch table or dial out of a circle of scratches, we only need to simply look at it. Quartz table stop the reason is still relatively basic, not too complicated reasons. If your watch fails, you can get the official sale or professional repair shop for maintenance.