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Quartz Watch Who Said Low?
- Jul 13, 2017 -

In many people's awareness, the mechanical watch is the best watch, resulting in a "buy table must buy a mechanical watch" argument. For the following words, you must have heard:

"Men buy a table, we must buy a mechanical watch."

"Quartz Watch is not durable, unlike the mechanical watch that can be passed to the next generation ... ..."

"Quartz watch is just a simple timing tool, only mechanical watches can be called art."

Under the monasteries, many people avoid the quartz watch, never included in the quartz watch table category. But you never thought that the quartz watch is not really as legendary as it is so bad?

Quartz Watch life is not short

Many people reject quartz watch because they feel that quartz watch are short-lived. And that is not the case.

Under normal circumstances, the better mechanical watches can be used for about 20 years, but between every three years or so will need to wipe oil maintenance. And because of mechanical parts of the wear and tear, often to repair or replacement, or travel time error will increase.

The life of the electronic quartz watch components can be said to be semi-permanent, in addition to every 2 years or so to change the battery, the service life is much longer than the mechanical watch. Digital electronic quartz watch all the movement from the electronic components assembled, life than the general mechanical watches are long.

Celebrities also wear quartz watch

This ordinary Seiko quartz watch is Li Ka-shing a wear is more than 20 years, only 26 US dollars of the market price also stunned the baby!

It seems that a truly forward-looking entrepreneur, is not concerned about the value of wearing watches, for them more important is the time itself.

Prince William and his wife Kate Princess, holding his son went to Sydney to start "diapers diplomacy."

This time Kate wearing a Cartier blue balloon quartz watch, Coincidentally, Prince William's mother, that is, Princess Diana, in 1983 with the Prince Charles visit New Zealand also wear their own Cartier tank series quartz watch.

Writer Cui Chenghao posted on the microblogging North Korea's top leaders in a meeting on the watch, for the Van Fanto TC series of ultra-thin table, not mechanical models, but the quartz gold, the price below million.

Cui Chenghao microblogging original -

"How can you wear a gold - plated watch?" North Korea 's top leader listened and smiled and replied, "There' s no need for a good watch because I often do not have time.