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The Principle Of Quartz Watch Structure
- Jul 04, 2017 -

Quartz watch with a battery as an energy source. The battery outputs power to the electronic block and the motor in the Tissot watch. Each second electronic block outputs a pulse wave to the motor, which is driven by the motor. Because quartz crystal can provide the most stable pulse wave, it can guarantee the highest accuracy (in general, the monthly error between 15-25 seconds; the smallest error of only 5 seconds a year). Because there are quartz crystal in the inside, so the watch also named quartz watch. In addition, a battery can continue to work for several years, so there is no need for such a table winding. In general, mechanical watches are much more expensive than quartz watch. At this time because the mechanical watch in the production process requires accurate manual adjustment of school, and quartz watch are usually assembled in the automatic production line.

Quotes are common in ordinary quartz watch, translated into quartz watch. Quartz Watch can also be called 'crystal vibration electronic watch', because it is the use of crystal chip 'vibration phenomenon'. When the crystal to accept the external afterburner voltage, there will be deformation and expansion of the nature, on the contrary, if the compression of the crystal, will make the crystal ends of the power; this property can also be seen in many crystals, called 'piezoelectric effect'. Quartz watch is the use of cyclical continuous 'vibration' of the crystal, bring us accurate time.

First, the crystal table on the quartz panel power, the crystal will be 32768 Hz frequency, the correct vibration; and then must be the frequency into 1Hz (current changes in a second time) the number of signal current cycle. And then increase the amplitude of some of the signal (due to vibration generated by the current is very weak), followed by some of the signal current and then start the rotor gear, the second hand on the table will be followed, after the minute hand, clockwise beating is related to the mechanical structure Principle, such as: second hand beating 60, the minute hand will jump about

All quartz watch are equipped with a battery. It provides energy for an integrated circuit and a quartz resonator, vibrating 32,768 times per second. There are faster than this. The integrated circuit is the "brain" of the table. It controls the vibration of the quartz resonator and acts as a divider. 32768 times the vibration is half-divided 15 times to achieve a pulse per second.