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The Relationship Between Quartz Watch And Quartz
- Jul 04, 2017 -

Quartz watch is one of the watch type, the use of quartz crystal on the clock is a modern invention. The first quartz watch appeared for the first time in 1969. In this year, the Japanese Seiko company found how to make quartz tuning fork method. The first entry into the production of quartz watch was Seiko 35 square astronomy, published in 1957 by Hamilton Watch Company of Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

Quartz is a kind of silicon oxide crystal (Silicon Oxide) can be divided into artificial crystal and natural crystal two, because the natural crystal contains impurities, so the electronic watch generally use artificial crystal. Quartz has such a characteristic; when the electricity on the crystal, the crystal will produce mechanical deformation, when the pressure on the crystal, it will produce electrical deformation. This phenomenon is called the piezoelectric effect of quartz. Because it has this characteristic and the oscillation frequency is high and stable, it is regarded as an ideal oscillation device and is applied to the electronic timepiece. As a result of the use of quartz crystal oscillator instead of balance wheel, making the electronic watch than the mechanical watch travel time to improve the accuracy of thousands of times.

Quartz is the chemical composition of SiO2, the crystal is a triad of oxide minerals, that is, low temperature quartz (a-quartz), is the most widely distributed mineral minerals in a mineral species. The generalized quartz also includes high temperature quartz (b-quartz).

Cryogenic quartz often with a pointed hexagonal columnar crystal output, the cylinder has a stripes, similar to the hexagonal double cone of the spire is actually formed by the two rhombohedral simple form. Quartz aggregates are usually granular, massive or crystal clusters, crystal glands and so on. Pure quartz colorless and transparent, glass luster, shell-like fracture with grease luster, no cleavage, Mohs hardness 7, the proportion of 2.65. Pressure or heat to produce electrical effects.

Quartz has many variants due to particle size, color, inclusions, and so on. Colorless transparent quartz called crystal, purple crystal commonly known as amethyst, smoke yellow, smoke brown to near black, commonly known as tea crystal, smoke crystal or ink crystal, rose red commonly known as Furong stone; was kidney, bell-like cryptocrystalline quartz Called the stone marrow, with different colors of concentric strip structure of the crystal ginger called agate, agate crystal glands are clearly visible inside the liquid inclusions commonly known as agate water gallbladder, fine grain microcrystalline composition of gray to black cryptocrystalline quartz called flint, Commonly known as flint.

The use of quartz is very wide. No fissure, no defective crystal single crystal used as a piezoelectric material, to manufacture quartz resonators and filters. General quartz can be used as glass raw materials, purple, pink quartz and agate can also be used as a raw material for carving art.

Quartz is one of the most important rock-forming minerals, and is widely distributed in igneous rocks, sedimentary rocks and metamorphic rocks. Brazil is the world famous crystal producer, has found 2.5 meters in diameter, 5 meters high, weighing more than 40 tons of crystal crystal.

With "quartz crystal" as the oscillator, through the electronic frequency to control the motor running, driving the pointer. Travel time is very high precision.