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Watches Knowledge
- Mar 07, 2017 -

1. when wearing a watch, hands sweat is corrosive to casing, all-steel case because it is a Nickel-chromium alloy, better corrosion resistance, steel casing brass, long-term contact with sweat, easily, you should always use a soft cloth to wipe sweat or mat plastic table tray, to prevent erosion with sweat.
2. don't open the back cover to prevent dust entering the watch movements affect the normal work.
3. do not place the watch in a closet with mothballs to prevent table oil.
4. do not watch on the radio, on TV, so as to avoid magnetized.
5. long-term storage does not wear a watch should be wound up on a regular basis once a month, so that part is not at rest for a long time, to ensure the machine's performance.