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Waterproof Quartz Watch How Kind Of Waterproof Principle?
- Jun 22, 2017 -

Preface: in many people's subconscious will think that waterproof quartz watch must be waterproof, but why is clearly written is a waterproof watch, a water after the watch there is water performance? Waterproof quartz watch in the end is not really waterproof? To distinguish the waterproof level of the watch? Following the first table with China's luxury shopping mall to understand the next waterproof waterproof table different levels of waterproof.

Waterproof specifications, waterproof rating

Level 1: 30-50 meters for the daily waterproof (logo: 30M, 3ATM, 3BAR), you can resist a small amount of wash your hands splashing water and falling rain when the rain, but attention can not be too long.

Level 2: 100-200 meters, (logo: 100M, 10ATM, 110BAR) can be swimming activities, but only for shallow swimming.

Level 3: 300 meters and above (logo: 300M, 30ATM, 30BAR), can be water sports or free diving.


1, waterproof quartz watch waterproof rating: such as waterproof 30 meters, does not mean that can be placed underwater 30M, but the watch can withstand 3 atmospheres, and so on.

2, if the watch after contact with water must be dry in time.

3, do not use the bathroom in the bathroom and sauna, the way the impact of the water ring by the temperature will be thermal expansion and contraction of the gap and accelerated aging affect the watch's waterproof function.

4,waterproof performance of the waterproof quartz watch is not permanent, the watch may be due to receive water ring aging or accidental impact table / case and affect the watch waterproof, recommended 1-2 years to the brand authorized maintenance center to check The

There are several factors that make a Waterproof Quartz Watch. The most important is the gasket, or O-ring, which is made of rubber, nylon or Teflon. A waterproof seal is formed at the junction between the crystal glass, the bottom cover and the crown and the case. If it is a chronograph, the pusher will also have a gasket. In addition, the waterproof quartz case is lined with a sealing layer (coated with a rapidly hardened liquid) to prevent seepage. The thickness and material of the case determine whether a table can be worn safely underwater and therefore an important factor. Threaded top cover to replace press-in bottom cover also helps to waterproof. Many diving tables are threaded to prevent water from penetrating through the rotary hole. The crown is tightened to form a waterproof seal, just like the seal between the jar and the threaded cap.