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Wear Only Their Own Character Watch
- Mar 07, 2017 -

In the course of specific work, in the brains of many intricate "standard" person, though it is, but don't know how? Wear tinted spectacles themselves thought it was normal.
I had and one entrepreneurs chat had days, he eloquent, not only like fresh things and also like application, as he not know listening to who told has "nine type personality" of concept, will let company of HR immediately implementation, and in company internal carried out has similar of activities, in this situation Xia, company of management using always to he of "standard" for standard, all are sleep is tired, he is with relish, is such of psychological contrast by reflected, the entrepreneurs is has excellent sense, but enterprise real of operation is has walking for difficult, A man must have a hard solid structure, otherwise, will be seriously affected by the environment did not say, and no claim, nothing, no confidence in themselves, people are reluctant to deal with such people around.
Another point is that working on Wednesday should have "pulled the cloud fog" ability to see through the phenomenon of nature. As a leader, you will read a lot of reports from all sides, in fact, invisible to your thinking on "Watch" If unaware, there will be a bad decision, and you have all your information in the "structure" in the production, so that the final product will stand the test. Like, you to evaluation a employees of work performance, may from boss, subordinates, colleagues, customer, aspects of views are has, you to made analysis, cannot "first for effect" and occurred "moved let more" of errors views, serious of is employees will on uneven with feet vote, you may think you is boss, but personnel go Hou, you on no longer is he of boss, two people in community is equal of. Decisiveness is the need for a watch, is your own piece!