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What Are The Factors Affecting The Accuracy Of Mechanical Watches Chronograph
- Mar 07, 2017 -

1, friction
Friction often have both positive and negative effects, it has a positive side, such as friction-wheel, automatic watch wound friction with the barrel, screw locking on the other, friction will cause a decline in driving efficiency and wear of parts, thus affecting the timing. Commonly used solutions: improved lubrication conditions, according to the different requirements, different lubricants jewel bearing or gasket improve gear tooth surface conditions, including the use of conjugate tooth profile of science and improve surface finish, but generally no lubrication of tooth surface (in this case, lubricant viscosity resistance may be higher than the friction generated by).
2, temperature
Temperatures mainly in two aspects: first, the temperature change will be the working length of the Hairspring, and changed the balance of inertia, can directly affect the accuracy and, secondly, temperature changes can affect the lubricant viscosity, affecting the transmission efficiency, thus affecting the timing. This can take the following approach: using open bimetallic temperature compensated balance wheel Hairspring system using special alloys production Hairspring and the balance, the work temperature (8 °-38 °) a certain degree of temperature compensation using mobile regulator temperature compensation. Standard oil, temperature extremes, such as the world watch Omega Moon watch, used no lubrication or lubricant.