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What Is The Difference Between A Quartz Watch And A Mechanical Watch?
- May 27, 2017 -

Ready to buy a watch, but not very clear the difference between the quartz watch and mechanical watches, after some purchase advice, but also know some of the differences between them, the following share to everyone, in the purchase of watches, watches and clocks, etc. can refer to What about Oh

Accuracy aspects.

Needle accuracy is the first choice to select the table to be considered, the quartz watch is a quartz vibrator to replace the balance wheel in the mechanical watch, the use of its correct high-speed swing to watch the watch, and mechanical watch due to the different quality of production, The internal movement susceptible to the impact of gravity, time error is relatively large, compared to the quartz watch, mechanical table accuracy worse.

Power side.

Quartz watch the power source is the battery, through the quartz oscillator can be converted into kinetic energy, driving the needle to walk, compared to the need for winding the mechanical watch, the quartz watch only need to replace the battery regularly, relatively simple. But the mechanical watch also has an automatic winding, that is, by shaking the watch, you can achieve the automatic winding.

Use the time.

In general, the quartz watch life by the battery limit, relatively short, the use of 5-8 years after the quartz oscillation will decline, the relative accuracy will be reduced, and generally every 1 to 2 years to change the battery; mechanical watch does not need Change the battery, and regular oil conservation, you can use more than 20 years no problem.

Weight aspect.

Quartz watch in his hand, will feel lighter than the mechanical watch, because the quartz watch the original are generally resistors, capacitors and other light objects, and mechanical watches are mostly heavier mechanical objects. Wearing a hand, although there is no obvious difference in weight, but a long time to distinguish it.

Maintenance aspects.

Quartz table contains a large number of small parts, usually maintenance costs are high, so if the quartz table if a major failure, usually the original will require a direct change for a new movement, maintenance costs are high; mechanical watch relatively easy maintenance , Although it is also very troublesome, but easy to change some, mainly not easy to go wrong.

Price terms.

Quartz table is much cheaper than the mechanical watch, the same type of watch, the difference between the two at least five or six hundred, the most can reach thousands. Xiaobian asked a few watch counters, found that the ordinary domestic quartz watch about 1500 mostly, and mechanical watches are generally more than 2000.