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World Watch Maintenance And Daily Use Should Pay Attention To What
- Mar 07, 2017 -

1, the watch is water resistant
Watch is water resistant to rely on glass, back cover, waterproof aprons at the head and meet the corresponding standards.
Waterproof aprons of aging can affect the water resistance of a watch, so the watch is water resistant aprons and head (containing water) depending on the situation to be replaced periodically. Quartz scale shall be replaced each time you change the battery in a waterproof component to ensure waterproofing performance.
Any waterproof watch should not be wearing hot baths, saunas or in environments where large temperature changes. Waterproof aprons will be affected by the temperature of thermal expansion and contraction in space and accelerated aging caused by water and table water condensation, serious mechanical damage.
2, regularly clean the straps, case. Maintenance cleaning the depot for advice to professional watch, even highly waterproof watch watches may not be placed in water for a long time, with soaking washing.
3, shall not be subjected to severe impact or fall, do not watch strongly touch the same or higher surface hardness, such as oxidation of metals, quartz crystal, stone, sand, granite surfaces, concrete walls, and so on. Watches took off his habit when you put it in a safe place.
4, watch the secret
Watch Mongolia was set aside after many grain, table covered with one or two drops of water, then squeeze a little toothpaste to clean the paint, you can remove the lines and make a cast as new.